The answer is within the question

Friend: Are we not all different? Each one of us is unique and not any of us are the same. You speak of truth as one and my experience is so different. I don’t experience this one but all different things.
Indeed, the images on the screen are different, but the screen is one.
Turn your attention away from the image and onto the screen. Turn your attention to the ‘space’ of experiencing, the ‘space’ of awareness and not towards the thoughts, perceptions or sensations.
This aware ‘space’ is what we refer to as ‘I’. Turn your attention to this ‘I’, the knowingness, the spaciousness of being-knowing.
It is akin to a vibrational field of beingness-knowingness.
Whenever you ask yourself the question ‘What am I truly?’ without relying on thought, without relying on past rumors and past knowledge, you are immediately drawn to this ‘spaciousness’ of awareness.

Friend: How do I do this, how do I turn my attention to this screen?
What is this ‘I’ that is asking this question? Keep this question alive without going to thought, without going to the past archives for an answer. Allow the question ‘What am I truly?’ to remain alive by not drowning it into the past.
The answer is within the question and not outside of it.

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