Praying to God

Praying to god.
When you pray to god, do not pray from a distance.
When you pray to god from a distance, you are not heard. You are only hearing yourself.
To pray to god, you have to get very close and closer than close. So close that there is no distance left between you and god. That is how you pray to god. By being god.
There is no arrogance in being god. It is a recognition of your true nature that god has been waiting for you to recognize.
Jesus said that the father and I are one. The arrogance is in being separate from god.
Be watchful in your prayer to God. If you are praying for yourself, you are not praying to god. Whenever you are asking something for yourself, you will not be heard since god does not recognize your imagined separation.
Prayer: God, I am available to you, for you, for your grace. Thy will be done. I recognize thee in everything and everyone. I am a vessel in your hands. I know you as myself. I know myself as you.

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