Awareness is unique by Ted Thompson

By Ted Thompson:
“Awareness is unique.
Inherent within awareness is the union of all opposites and all dualities, including the duality of known and knower.
Awareness is Self-Aware, tacitly and inherently.
On waking up in the morning, we sometimes experience empty awareness before any thoughts arise.
We may use words to think (or express): “I am aware,” but we do not need words to know “I am aware.” It is Self-Evident.
Self-Knowledge, Atma Bodhi, is always present. It is not something new to be gained. We are also aware of many thoughts and perceptions that distract us from this basic, primary insight.
It may be necessary for the importance of Self-Awareness to be pointed out by a teacher. We may need to be instructed to notice that Silent Awareness has no problems, is unchanging, immortal and the only true self, the only true identity.
It may require some re-direction of attention to realize that which is always present, the underlying peace and contentment of the Self.
Despite all the millions of objects in the universe, not one of them, or all of them put together is as valuable as simply being aware. For one who rests in Awareness, with detachment, what was previously thought to be a world is seen to be a Divine Playground, a Radiant Realm of Wonder.”



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