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The full revelation of the Self goes beyond ‘insight Dharma’, beyond a full glimpse into the Self.
That is why there are only a few wise teachers who speak of the ‘stabilization’ of/as the Self … that goes beyond a full glimpse.
There are many half cooked folks who teach that identification with bodymind is an inherent quality and characteristic of consciousness.
They mistakenly teach the art of managing being a human and do not teach the complete freedom.
They fail to understand that these so-called-human functions are already wired in the human organism and do not require any I-dentification. The body mind can function best in the absence of the me-limiting and suffering identification. It is well programmed to do so.
Such so-called teachers teach that it is a problem to be identification-free.
They refer to the end of identification as a sort of denial.
Although they have glimpsed the infinity and majesty of the Self, they are still tangling by the threads of the mind.
They refer to the natural tendency of the body to protect itself and feel pain as a proof that identification is necessary and inevitable.
They fail to distinguish between the natural self preservation of the body and psychological identification.
How can those who are not established as the peace and happiness teach it?
They teach relativism mistaking it for wholeness.
They teach that the end of identification with the body/mind is a big problem.
They speak and teach their partial understanding, mistaking it to be the complete revelation.
Many students applaud such a teaching without knowing better. Some students seek to confirm their own partial understanding as final understanding and thus they support such incomplete teaching.
Consciousness cares not and does not give a hoot.
After all, consciousness is the only game and the only real player in town. Why should it be concerned?


Ron S: If constantly being happy and peaceful should be the sign of enlightenment, then vegetables are probably the most enlightened beings.

Magdi: Ron, Happiness does not belong to beings. It is a quality of consciousness.
Once you are established as your natural state (universal consciousness), you are no longer deluded in believing that you are a limited mortal. The end of delusion reveals the true nature of the Self: Causeless peace and happiness.
Your comment implies that happiness belongs to beings. It does not. It belongs to consciousness. Beings are dreamt. Like in your night dream, you dream of pink flying elephants. The pink flying elephants are not what is real.
It is consciousness that is real.

Ron S: So…the beings and consciousness are two different things?…

Magdi: Consciousness dreams all seeming beings.

Jon M: Jeez, Magdi, blah blah blah! Where are all these false teachers you speak of? And how do you say consciousness is an ‘actor’?

Magdi: Hi Jon, they are around… But maybe not in your part of woods. If this does not pertain to you, why care?
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You ask “How do you say consciousness is an actor?”
Whenever I point at consciousness being the only act and actor in town, I also specify that consciousness is universal and not personal.
In ignorance, it is believed that the actor is a personable self. The impression is that decisions are made at the local level. In fact, they are not. They are made at the universal level. If they were made at the local level, then, you could choose your thoughts. In fact, you do not. All (seemingly personal) decisions are cosmic events.  It is from that perspective that I say that consciousness is the only game in town.
I hope this can help is slightly your question.

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