Awakening to the Self and mindfulness


Question: With the shift that happened for you, or awakening, whatever word you want to use, after that happened for you, how do you experience yourself now? I know you don’t experience yourself as a self. What is the experience?

Reply: Awakening to the Self is the end of angst and the end of worries and concerns. You are the peace, the inner stillness. The mind is still, quiet and clear. The body is transparent and the world is experienced as beauty. Our true nature is causeless peace and happiness.

Question: Do you feel you are mindful most of the time? Is that accurate to say?

Reply: Mindfulness without the mind, without anyone being mindful would be more like it. I would say it is more of empty mind empty rather than full. Mindempty not mindful 
Nowadays, the way mindfulness is taught, there is still a person behind the scene being mindful. It is an interim practice of concentration.

Question: I am trying to be mindful of my body, and I am not sure if I am doing the right practice. Are you mindful of your experience?

Reply: Be mindful of mistaking the I with the body mind (false I). Whenever you refer to I, be clear what you are referring to. If you are referring to the body mind, to the image of a man or a woman, you are referring to a perception and not to what you truly are.
In time, mistaking yourself to be a mortal form will cease to be your experience and you will know yourself as the transparency and reality of being-awareness.
Be mindful of the source and not the content, not the images on the screen, but the screen itself

Question: That is an important point. I understand to focus on the screen and not on the images, but how do I implement that?

Reply: Without relying on thought, without relying on the past, ask yourself: ‘What am I truly?’, ‘What is the reality of my experience?’ This inquiry takes you directly to the Self, to your formless true nature. keep the question open and alive without grabbing at anything, without any expectation. Remain not knowing and allow this not-knowingness its complete freedom.
Ask yourself: ‘What is the reality that perceives?’ Keep the question alive in everything you do.

Question: I understand that I am aware and that I am hearing and perceiving. But I can’t tangibly lock into that.

Reply: You are trying to lock into the noumenal via the phenomenal. In other words, you are assuming yourself to be a person and you are seeking a phenomenal experience that you can lock into.
Self knowing is on a different plane than the mental or phenomenal plane.

Question: I am following you. Are you saying that my being, my existence is what is perceiving myself as awareness? I don’t know how to put these words together.

Reply: Yes, if by ‘my being, my existence’ you are referring to universal consciousness and not personal being.
There is no personal being, no limited self. Separation is thought, image and sensation.
The ‘perception’ of awareness is not a subject-object perception. It is not dual. It is an apperception, a Self knowingness, whereby it is awareness that is aware that it is aware. When you ask yourself: ‘Am I here? Am I aware?’, you answer yes. The question is a direct question from consciousness to consciousness and does not need the mind, does not need the world nor does it need thought to answer itself.

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