Alone as all-one

Look at nobody and no one as your guide. Above all, realize you are alone, completely alone as all-one.
Your all-oneness is complete and lacks no-thing. You are everything and nothing is possible without you, as everything and everyone is you.
Don’t worry about the labels of the mind. They are after the fact. They are not the reality. They do not really divide. Division is illusion. The world, body and mind have no independent reality.
The reality is YOU and that is whole and complete. Your completeness is awaiting your realization. But as long as you continue to look outside and as long as you continue to be interested in the worldly, you remain in the dual state and your heart is not full-filled.
YOU are the happiness that you seek! You are freedom and beauty. You are wholeness and this entire dance is your very Self. Separation free.
Whatever is needed will manifest. What is not, will not.
Contemplate your true nature incessantly without straying in the world, body or mind.

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