About ignorance, thought and action.

About ignorance, thought and action.
First, thought is a subtle object. And like all objects, it is known but it is not knowing.
Second, ignorance refers to mistaking oneself to be an object of perception. Mistaking oneself to be a mortal body mind.
Lastly, there is ignorant thought and non-ignorant thought. Francis Lucille refers to personal thought versus impersonal thought. 
Personal thought is thought that is rooted and impregnated by the belief that I refers to the mortal body mind and impersonal thought is the thought that is free of such belief.
While actions that arises out of ignorance lead to conflict, action that arises out of impersonal thought does not lead to conflict.
Examples of impersonal thought are thoughts that contemplate truth, thoughts that celebrate life and thoughts that have a practical purpose.

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