After ecstasy, the laundry

After ecstasy, the laundry. 
Sat/Chit/Ananda is not possible without the laundry.

The work of cleaning house is unavoidable. Whether you do this work before the understanding or after the understanding or both before and after the understanding, aligning the mind and body with truth is essential and requires dedication, effort and love.
An understanding that is not lived in humility, sincerity, love and dedication to others and to truth; the recognition of your neighbor as your very self is not a complete understanding. 
Living ethically, transparently, honestly, in fairness and a sense of universal justice is Dharmic and expresses the living of truth. 
Realization is not a personal endeavor. We are interconnected as one consciousness and our application to the realization of truth is not simply on our behalf but on the behalf of everyone.
The realization of truth is a joint effort that requires our full participation.

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