About silence and stillness

About silence and stillness.
There is a quality of silence that is beyond the mind, that is not imposed by thought, that is not conceived by the mind, that is not manufactured, that is not created.
It permeates everything. Actually, it is complete intimacy with what we refer to as everything, it permeates all experience. This silence is the primordial quality of consciousness, like infinity is the primordial quality of space.
This quality of silence is eternity and nothing limits it. Actually, it knows no ‘things’ as it knows itself so loudly that all seeming things are deafened by its silent still peaceful quality.
Stillness and silence go hand in hand. It is peace … not as a concept, but peace as the complete stillness of the mind. When the mind is completely empty and yet embraced in a fullness that is not of words, a fullness we refer to as Joy, as bliss, as happiness and inner tranquility.
When this silence is revealed, what we refer to as life becomes a dance of peaceful stillness and the joyful expression of silence.

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