Video: Thoughts and feelings do not define me

Silence until 4:15
4:18-21:40 Guided Meditation 
23:13 The experience of formless awareness, void of object/subject reveals more than the understanding of the Dharma 
31:35 Is it helpful for someone to know their own transparency? What is it that knows? 
35:26 The waking dream is consciousness play 
39:00 Identification with the body. The body is an appearance. You are not your car 
50;00 I/awareness is before the body. What is it that experiences? Does the body experience? 
56:50 Ignorance is a choice. The spinning top 
1:02;55 About: I am nothing and I am everything. Do I need to separate from form and then return to form? 
1:15:48 If I am identified with the body, of what good is it to say: I am not the doer? As a dream character, you are being dreamt. The ultimate dreamer is dreaming through you. There is no separate doer. There is only one doer and ultimately, there is no doer and no doing 
1:27 20 Engagement without identification. Fresh presence. The dream and the contemplation do not exclude each other. Attending, listening, watching from a place of stillness.
Non Duality: Am i defined by thoughts and feelings?

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