Video: The direct path to happiness

Silence and guided meditation (I/Aware Presence) until 20:40
22:30 I feel separate from others since I cannot perceive or feel what others are perceiving or feeling. 
37:52: Fake it till you make it. The body mind is an object of your perception
42:16 Concerning the psycho emotional aspect of our experience, is it best for a truth seeker to turn to contemplation? Pursuing thoughts and sensations. Life is beautiful in presence. You block your permeability with your identity. Take the play seriously rather than yourself.
1:06:00 Freedom and Happiness. What do we mean by ‘I’?
1:10:00 Is the felt sense of the body and object of perception?
1:13:00 Who meditates or seeks psychological help?

The direct path to happiness. Consciousness across time & space. Bodymind is an object of perception

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