What is it we truly love?

What is it we truly love?

Is it an object, a situation, an experience as a mortal body mind?
Is it the decaying form that we love or is it the sweetness, the tenderness, beauty, intelligence and truth … that we truly love?
Imagining that such qualities reside in a form, a situation, a relationship is the cause of our sorrow and disappointment. We confuse our love for freedom, truth, beauty and happiness with pursuit of worldly situations and experiences.

Flower 00             Whenever you imagine love to be love for an object that is separate from yourself, you experience the pain of separation and the agonizing sense of lack.
Often time, experiencing the sense of lack, we wrongly imagine that we must double our efforts in pursuing worldly experiences.

Such belief maintains the quicksand of ignorance. Love is what you are and not what you become or gain.

As this is revealed to you, the dream becomes sweet, lovely and beautiful… free from resistance and pursuit.

You realize the radiance of presence, the unencumbered quality of freedom and love.
That is truly what you are.

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