The sense of self is maintained via the feeling state

The sense of self is maintained via the feeling state, via bodily sensations. That is where the me-identification roots itself.
That is where we get entangled, in the feelings.
Then the I-thought sticks to the feeling and relies on the feeling as its evidence that, indeed, I am a mortal body mind, since I feel that way.

A night view

Feelings are not evidence that I am a mortal body mind. Feelings are a perceived form.
Ask yourself, what are feelings? Are they not bodily sensations and are you not the awareness that perceives them, like you perceive a bird flying past the window, like you perceive raindrops on the window pane?
All events are transients and are equal in the eyes of consciousness, no matter what shape or form they may appear as. Only YOU, the Self is eternal, untouched by the images on the screen… You are the aware presence that is not a thing and without which nothing is possible.

Friend: Magdi, this is what we are viewing in the program this week: the stickiness that maintains the I Am a body mind. I really like the synchronicity happening reinforcing that the most important, the primordial relationship in our life is our relationship with the Now. Or rather with whatever form the Now takes, that is to say, what is or what happens. Practicing our relationship with God/Now/Consciousness above all others, including ego activity, thought activity, body activity, world activity, abandon activity as meaningful, Let all activity be valueless, without emphasis on activity, awareness resting within itself, in this way TrueSelf is realized.

Magdi: Yes. Consciousness is unencumbered by anything. Appearances are its play and display, consciousness does not trip on any of them.

Friend: One can always rely on the certainty that Consciousness Is All there Is.

Magdi: Borderless presence unencumbered, unburdened. The world, body and mind are but reverberations of consciousness, like steam is reverberation of water.

Friend: What is pointed to is that I am the Borderless presence unencumbered, unburden. Who is the one that see’s this? Who is the one that knows this? i fall down..

Magdi: Consciousness knowing itself…

Friend:  Wordless.

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