What I truly am cannot be threatened

What I truly am cannot be threatened.
Whenever I feel threatened, there is a tendency to defend, attack, justify, flee, wish things were different.

Winter 1 by Sasa Gyoker
But it is possible to be present, silently present to what is going on and wonder: ‘Is there really a threat? And what is being threatened?’
Feeling threatened is an old habit that maintains itself in the absence of the light of inquiry.
We buy into it moment by moment.
But we can inquire into it moment by moment, as well, can’t we?
In wondering, we can notice that whenever we take on the position that I am this mortal limited person, we move in the past, we revert to believing that I am an entity in time, we are in memory, in the me-story in time. Is this what we truly are, this very moment?
Are we an entity in time?
Are we not the light of awareness that appears as this, and this, and this?
Freely manifesting as this manifestation while remaining untouched by the unfolding events… like in a night dream.
The flying pink elephant just landed on the wings of a cloud.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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