An open way of being

There is way of being with what is unfolding, a way that is open and free, a way that does not contract in a shell, a way that does not maintain the fear, the old habits of argumentation… Yes, there is… and it is for each one of us to look into this, to explore and find this placeless place that is not threatened nor threatening.

A Golden Splash Sunset
Something arises and we rush to defend ourselves.
What is it we are defending?
And what good is it?
Even when we get the upper hand, the next moment, another challenge engages us into the same pattern.
But when we are open to be defenseless, to be in the complete simplicity of pure and simple presence without the need to maintain any old habits, without dragging along any corpses, there are infinite new possibilities… all of which are graceful, fresh and free.
It is a new path that frees you from the burden of maintaining the same old…
Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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