It is consciousness looking

Have you noticed that when you are looking out, it is consciousness looking?
Have you noticed how there is no specific point from which looking is taking place nor is there any specific place where it is taking place.
It is a sort of an open looking, free and free floating.

Painting by Jose Luis Bustamante
Have you noticed how it is all consciousness dancing?
Then it might become clear that the me impression is a habitual contraction, a wining resistance about how things are or should be. It ignores its own wining as it argues that things are out of whack and should be different.
The me impression is like an image that appears on the screen of awareness and does not need to be given any particular heed. There is no need to call the fire department.
It seems that feelings are a different matter, but they are not. They, as well, are images on the screen, appearing as thought and sensation. The more you try to fix feelings, the messier they become.
But when you take your stand as the aware presence, you realize that, all along, you were untouched.


Painting by Jose Luis Bustamante

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