What is the difference between consciousness and mind?

Question: What is the difference between consciousness and mind? How do they relate?
Reply: By consciousness I refer to whatever it is that truly perceives. By mind I refer to whatever appears. These could be thoughts, sensations or perceptions.

Although consciousness does not appear as a form, the mind (all what appears) appears through consciousness and depends on consciousness for its conception, creation and perception . Without consciousness, there are no appearances, no mind.

Thus, we could say that consciousness is the reality of the mind, the substance of the mind. In other words, all that appears, this perception right now, this sensation right now, is made out of consciousness and has no independent reality of its own, outside of the reality of consciousness.

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The conception and perception of the world, body and mind arise out of consciousness and thus non-duality. Wherever you look, you perceive consciousness and it is consciousness that is doing the looking, the perceiving. Consciousness experiencing itself through form. Consciousness does not depend on form to be self knowing. It is self knowing independent of form.

Using religious terms, God is the reality of the world, body and mind. She celebrates her freedom and creativity by conceiving, creating and perceiving the world, body and mind out of herself. Thus, non-duality.


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