The simplicity of being: Aware Presence

Engrossed in the belief in separation and the me-feeling, we fail to appreciate and celebrate the fullness and wholeness of Being. As a separate limited identity, we think and feel something is missing. This body mind identification leads to the impression of mortality and eclipses the joyfull fullness, eternity and infinity of consciousness.

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As a truth lover, you take a step back from your beliefs and you contemplate your experience, without relying on your old files and folders, without relying on the past, bypassing the belief structures of the mind.

What is Really missing? Isn’t Being-ness full and complete presence before the mind gets engaged in identification?

Consciousness takes on all forms… and at its core it is peace and stillness.

Open … aware presence … taking on the form of reading these words.

Takes on the form of presence as a cafe, music in the background, people moving around, talking… someone speaking loudly … feeling the grit of that loud voice … nothing hidden… everything revealed … as it is … arising ¬†dissolving…

Consciousness takes on all forms… remaining formless, unstained, untainted…

Sometimes, the thought and feeling that something is lacking, that we need to understand something, arises in the open space of presence…

What is behind this sense of lack? Is it not the identification with a limited mortal impermanent form?

As soon as the I-thought arises, believed … an imagined separate self, a separate me, a sense of incompleteness and lack… arise as well… in the open space of aware presence… We feel separate and isolated… contracted.

Passing clouds… that keep passing and passing… until we completely wake up from the illusion of the separate self.

In the absence of the I-thought, nothing is missing.

Could it be that, in fact, nothing is Really missing? Could it be that the I-thought and me-feeling are simply the dance of consciousness? Could it be that such impressions of separation get their impression from the reality of consciousness? Consciousness taking on such forms? Morphing?

There is a gap… the gap of peace and stillness… between each thought. In fact, this gap of peace and stillness permeates all thoughts, sensations and perceptions … unnoticed by the mind. Like the screen permeates all images… Out of the formless all forms arise.

Is it possible to be fully present, to openly feel, to dissolve into what is arising… without struggling, without believing the habitual separative mentations that seeks to correct, to resist, to pursue? Oftentimes, we want to fill the gap of separation, and we do so by seeking experiences, relationships, situations in the world, body and mind… without any real success. Eventually, tired of the chase, we stop.

What is it to simply be without the habitual identification, without the limitation, without the identification?

Just feeling, sensing, perceiving … Openly, freely, borderlessly…

The simplicity of being.

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