Sept 28 2014

As long as you remain focused on the form,
As long as you remain focused on the appearances,
Meaning, as long as you remain focused on the feelings, the sensations and the perceptions,
You perceive multiplicity.
This multiplicity that you perceive, is unified via the unicity, via the oneness of consciousness.
One way of looking at it, is that the multiplicity of what you see is unified via YOU, the one perceiver of all perceptions.
This one perceiver of all perceptions is whatever it is that hears these words right now,
The hearer of these words,
The knower of this perception,
The knower of all the known.
It is not a limited entity
It is not contained in a body mind
Is not personal, is not a person, is not a form, is not an object.
There is a habitual stubborn belief tendency that whatever perceives these words is limited.
Is limited to a body mind,
Is limited to a personal experience and is a personal experience.
Wherever you go, you carry that belief with you,
You carry that sense of limitations with you.
As soon as you put down this belief system, the sense of limitation is temporarily suspended.
The reality of your experience is not a personal reality
If the reality of your experience was personal,
Then there would be many realities
There would be as many realities as there are personal experiences
Then, we would be dealing with multiple realities
Multiple realities is ignorance and a misnomer.
If there are multiple realities, what would know the multiplicity of realties if it is not that One reality?
A reality that ends here, my reality and a reality that starts there, your reality that starts there is not the reality of consciousness, is not the reality
it is an impression.
The mind imagines a limitation where there is none.
Assumes a limitation, assumes borders where there are none.
So you tell yourself: Oh, there are no borders, I want to have that experience,
I want that experience.
And there you are creating borders again in this wanting.
You, with borders, wanting an object.
Wanting an experience.
Wanting a state.
In time and space.
In that very thought, in that very pursuit, you have set limitations and conditions upon your infinity, upon your vastness.
You have set boundaries to the boundariless, to the infinite.
You have set a time frame and conditions onto the eternal.
And you are living in hope of freedom tomorrow
Peace and freedom and happiness tomorrow.
The mind lives in postponement.
In time and space.
It is constantly setting up strategies via which the finite separate self that it takes itself to be
Will become infinite.
One could say: Well, it is possible. After all the acorn became an oak tree.
But what you fail to see is the infinity of the acorn.
You imagine a finite acorn.
The acorn is not finite.
The substance of the acorn is the substance of the oak tree.
Which is consciousness.
Like when you are sleeping, in your night dream,
You dream of a mouse and you dream of an elephant.
You go: Hey look. The mouse is small and the elephant is big.
While in fact both the mouse and the elephant are made of the same substance,
They are made out of the night dream, they are made out of thought.
They are made out of you, the dreamer.
They are made out of you dreaming these images, dreaming these dreams.
Dreaming these thoughts.
There is no small and big.
There is no real size nor distance.
There is no actual mouse that is small,
No actual elephant that is big.
Both dream characters, both the mouse and the elephant are made out of the same substance.
Which is your dream, which is thought.
You perceive the mouse at the base of a tree and you perceive the elephant 20 yards further down.
And you say: Hey look! The mouse is at the base of the tree and the elephant is way over there.
While in fact, both the mouse and the elephant are at zero distance from each other.
They are made out of yourself.
Their substance is the one substance: Yourself.
In the dream that you are dreaming there is, in fact, no distance between anything.
The mouse thought and the elephant thought are in the same space and of the same substance.
They are both occurring at the same place.
They are both arising at the same place, which is you.
You, consciousness.
You the dreamer of all dreams.
When the mouse travels towards the elephant, it seems that it is taking time.
That it is traveling along the road towards the elephant.
In fact, nothing is traveling.
Nothing is moving from point A to point B.
All dream characters, including the mountains, the trees, the rivers, are dream events occurring in the same space out of the same substance. The reality is not in the dream events or characters.
They are made out of the same substance.
You, as consciousness.
The impression of space and time are in the dream. They are the illusion.
The waking dream is like the night dream.
You perceive time and space.
You perceive seemingly separate objects.
You perceive a body mind and separate others.
Separate body minds.
Separate objects, separate forms.
Well, they are all arising in the same space,
Which is the space of consciousness.
It is the same space that hears these words, this very moment.
The space that perceives the sensation of your feet on the ground.
The sensation of your feet on the floor and the sensation of hearing thse words, occurs in the same space.
And is made out of the same substance. The same knowingness.
The same aware presence.
Consciousness. Whatever it is that hears these words.
The reality of consciousness.
There is a reality to this. The reality of consciousness.
That cannot be denied.
This is why it is said that separation is imagination.
There is nothing separate. There is no such thing as separation.
It is a concept. A belief. A feeling that has been inherited.
It’s a belief system.
It’s a mentation.
It’s a mental intrerpretation.
It’s a mental fabrication, conversation.
At its core, it has the belief system, the assumption that I am a mortal body mind.
The belief that I, I, consciousness, I, aware presence, am this body, this mortal body mind.
And you, consciousness B are a mortal body mind
There is identification at the core of this conversation. The time and space conversation and the conversation of physicality is the assumption that you are a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, that you are a body mind.
Wake up!
You have to be willing to let go of your belief systems.
Interrupt your story line.
Put down your luggage.
Contemplate from a place of not knowing. Not from a place that already has reached certain conclusions, but from a place of not knowing.
Freshly. Like a baby looks at the world.
Science has already established that 99.99% of the universe that they have studied until now, is empty space.
They call it dark matter. It is just a symbolic language. Because consciousness is not empty space. It is just an image that speaks of the openness quality and infinite quality.
Consciousness is the experience of peace and happiness. Space is a useful symbolic language. But it is the experience of consciousness that is the end game.
Causeless peace and happiness
The true meaning of freedom, peace and happiness, you will find it in the experience of consciousness.
You will not find it in the mind, in any concept.
The meaning of freedom, peace and happiness that you will find in the experience of consciousness is the experience of consciousness knowing itself in its complete freedom.
Consciousness knowing itself.
Knowing itself in the absence or presence of form. Irrespective.
It is important that you come to understand these words experientially, that they be your direct experience.
You already are THAT. You already are the aware presence, the reality of consciousness.
The aware presence that hears these words.
Without consciousness, there would not be any perception. No knowingness.
When you live freshly, meaning… there is a listening.
There is an interest, an open interest in allowing/inviting whatever is unfolding to reveal …
Not to reveal a story, but to reveal the truth of what it is.
So, you don’t live habitually, repetitively, out of the old programs.
There is a genuine interest.
An interest that does not bring along any assumptions, any presuppositions.
An interest in the universe expressing itself, to reveal itself without the interference of the mind.
There is an alertness. An empty handed alertness.
A willingness to be uncovered, discovered, revealed.
Nothing is held back, left out.
Without bringing along this sense of danger. This sense of self in danger, danger to me.
There is a trust.
Renewed moment by moment.
Like a fresh spring. Every moment there is a fresh gush of water gushing out of the spring.
There is a freshness in each moment.
No assumptions. No conditions.
No demands or requirements.
There is a fresh revelation moment by moment. Consciousness taking on this form, out of itself.
That does not get transcribed and filed so you can use it later on.
It is revealed and lived in that very moment. Consumed in that very moment.
The pulse of the cosmos, the pulse of the universe.
Let the creator take care of its creation.
Your business is not to take care of the circulation of your blood. 
It is not your business to take care of the weather.
You can let that be taken care of by whatever creates it.
The creator is actually you. But not you the person. Not what you believe yourself to be.
There is a universal YOU. The universal Self. That speaks, that hears, that perceives… although it is not perceived as an object, as a thing.
You know it as you are it.
And you seek it because you imagine yourself to be something else.
But in the stillness of your contemplation, when your belief systems are not on board, the eternity and infinity of consciousness are right there, full blast.

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