Meditation November 9, 2014

Nothing divides the indivisible.
The indivisible is the reality, the divided is the imagined.
Living in division, is living in imagination
Mistaking the imaginary to be real.

Fall view at home 2

These mind impressions
of separation and division
are what we refer to as suffering and ignorance.

What you truly are is indivisible.
You repeat to yourself: I am this person, I am this person
And, you believe it.
As soon as you do,
you are in the misery.

You are in the mind with all the problems of this person.
The main problem
is the imagined separation, the imagined me.

From that, there are all sorts of concerns
about your future happiness
The future happiness of this person.

It is always in the future

And there are all sorts of conditions,
All sorts of tasks that this person needs to accomplish
In order to be happy… tomorrow.

You have to do all sorts of things in order to be happy tomorrow

We know this doesn’t work.
It haunts us in our dreams

It upsets us in our waking state.
We yearn for the peace and happiness
Which is what we are.

We have forgotten.

But when we imagine that we are this mortal body mind
we have separated ourselves from wholeness
We have separated ourselves
from the seamless
from the infinite.

And we feel finite
We yearn to be reconnected
We yearn for the wholeness
that we know we are.

But that we forgot we are.

So, we have a genuine intention.
to realize our true nature
to realize the happiness,
the love, the beauty
Causeless peace

we look out through the senses
We look out.
Through the mind

The mind that divides.
That labels.
That compares and measures.

That prefers
That argues
That perceives an external world
That perceives a personal body
That perceives itself as the reality

We look out onto the world
and we notice
happiness… imagined out there…
In a glitter

We actually perceive beauty…
A couple in love
We can sense the beauty
We recognize the beauty

So we want that same experience
we wish we had that same relationship
That we mistake to be the source of love and happiness

We look out onto the world and we perceive comfort
in the world

Out there
We perceive ease and well being in the world.
in a home
It could be a beautiful vacation home that a friend owns
a beautiful home
What seems to be an easy job.

We recognize ease in the world
But we mistake this ease to be in a job.
In a home, in a certain acquisition.
A certain situation.

So we pursue that
The mind perceives objects out there
The mind pursues objects.

Desire rooted in the imagined person
Desire is very sneaky.
It can even dress up in holy cloak.
It is still a personal desire.

What accompanies it
is the sense of lack
the sense of incompleteness right now
With a promise of future happiness

In wealth,
in relationship
in the health of the body.

Future promises
that veil the current sense of lack and insufficiency.

But not really.

We hope the remedy is going to come to us tomorrow
Through the mind
We follow the mind
We obey and listen to the mind
And the feelings that accompany
We use them as our guide

and so we chase and chase

This entire affair
is based on the belief that I am a person

The forgetfulness
that you are the wholeness of presence

Seamless consciouneess
that conceives, creates and perceives

that is freedom itself
the true undivided Self

Nothing divides the indivisible.
Nothing divides consciousness

Consciousness is the reality of your experience

Consciousness is the reality of this.
of every appearance

of everything

There is only One reality.
And this reality is not personal
The reality of consciousness

It is not personal

What you truly are is not personal
Not limited
not bound
not contained
not divided

You are not personal
The personal is an image on the undivided screen of consciousness

You mistake yourself for that image
while you are the screen

And thus you feel divided
This imagined identification as a body mind
creates unhappiness and a contraction in the body

The me feeling
at the body level

Located in the face
The chest
The neck
The belly

It is a virus in the open space
at the feeling level
It is there
A faint malaise

It is there in our waking state, in our night sleep
Night dream state
A slight annoyance
A sense of incompleteness

And we develop habits to distract us away
To make us numb
in a way
Rather than being fully present to this malaise
To this bodily sensation

In an open
Vulnerable and willing way

Rather than being fully exposed and willing to go all the way
To get to the bottom of this sense of insufficiency
we develop habits to numb
to distract us away

They could be substance addictions
Drinking, eating, traveling, exercising
Constantly seeking company
Needing to be constantly engaged in the world, workaholic habits
Thinking habits, talking habits

These habits do not provide the happiness
Do not relieve the angst.

They require effort and maintenance.
So we imagine that we must try harder.
Increase the dose.

But with this increased involvement
In the habits
In the cover up
… comes an increased unhappiness.

An increased sense of self
Sense of me

More misery
Not the thinning out of ignorance
Not the relief that we are hoping for .

We find our body mind getting more and more rigid
Calcification of the body mind

Psychological stuckness

The mind divides

The mind divides
It perceives ghosts
Angels and satanic creatures.

It is constantly in the seeking and avoiding
It is deeply unhappy and does not know otherwise.

It is haunted by fears
Rather than struggling with the imagined or with the felt

We can be still

In being still, there is availability
A natural willingness

Availability is already wellbeing
Stillness is wellbeing

Stillness is not expecting any results
Trusting the stillness

Trusting What Is
Trusting whatever is unfolding
Recognizing that whatever is unfolding is unfolding out of grace.

Unfolding out of the eternity and infinity of consciousness
In that recognition
… is the shift

From the mind to the Divine.
From the relative to the absolute
From the impermanent to the eternal.

Trusting that nothing can hurt you

Nothing can hurt what you truly are.
You as consciousness… nothing can touch you.
No mind event can effect you.

You are not an object in time and space.
You are the peace
The source

The joy
The happiness

You are THAT
You are the source
All the divine qualities emanate from you

The habitual mind that is constantly looking for happiness in an object
In a form
Imagines you to be a mortal body mind

Habitually you believe it … because of the feeling state.

You feel separate
You feel you are in your body

You fail to notice it is a bodily sensation
You are not that sensation

You are the aware presence,
But these impressions scare you in your sleep, haunt you in your waking state.

Consciousness is not on a time clock
You are not this body
This body appears to you as a dream impression

Like all the dreams, all what appears to you in your night dream
This body mind is an apparition
It appears to you as a wakeful dream
As a waking dream

But it is your dream
Like the night dream comes and goes
The waking dream comes and goes
… YOU do not

There is no concern for you
The real you
You as consciousness.

You are not augmented or diminished by any dream
Nor are you threatened by the night dream

It is the same in the waking dream
Nothing really touches you
It is not different than your night dream

You have to be open to this possibility
Be willing to listen
and let go
Release this identification
Trust the divine
Listen to the message
Recognize you are THAT

THAT does not appear
You are THAT
To which perception arises

A sensation appears
A feeling appears
A thought appears
You are not anything that appears

You are the infinity and eternity of consciousness
the reality of consciousness
There is no other

You can release all the sensations in your chest, in your belly, in your neck in your face, the thoughts, the memories

The feelings
You can release it all
Give it all to the divine
The divine is right here right now
Infinite presence

Borderless presence
Belonging to no one
Available through and through

Release the feeling state
At the somatic level
Surrender every vibration of your body mind
In your legs

In your thighs

Your neck
Your feet
Your fingers, your face, your eyes,
Allow this vibration to resonate with the divine resonance of God,

Let go
Do not worry
Don’t be concerned

All is well

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