Remain with the openness

A conversation with a friend:
Magdi…When I open to love, tears come and sometimes it is almost painful in my chest. It is not based on loss or abandonment, in fact I do not feel sad. Have you any idea why?

The body mind is intricately wired and programmed. It is a very sensitive instrument. In a very sensitive manner, it registers, processes and responds to all phenomenal experiences. What makes this possible is the grace and creativity of consciousness. After all, it is via consciousness or awareness that everything is known.

When you say yes to the universe, you open up to unconditional love and you cease to resist and pursuit happiness in the ever changing world, body and mind. You are leaving behind the old patterns. When you do so, the body mind responds as it is changing tracks. The response varies from body mind to body mind depending on the conditioning and degree of sensitivity.

When you say yes to love and life, your armors thin out and dissolves in the yes, revealing the causeless openness and joy of our true nature.

This shift from ignorance to love is an energetic process. It softens the established armors and displaces the rigid me-beliefs and me-feelings. When the rigid me-positions held in the body release, the sympathetic systems in the body mind are flooded with energy.

This energy floods your body mind as it releases the me-feelings in the body.When you remain as the witness, this release is lovingly welcomed. The painful feeling in the chest should dissipate in your welcoming.

What matters most is to remain open and not to think your way through it. Remain open, transparent and allow whatever arises to unfold freely without holding on to anything and without constraining nor pursuing anything.
Tears also open up the channels, lubricate them and soften them which is a wonderful thing. The pain in the chest diminishes as you relax your chest, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Try stretching your arms and extending your hands in the space as if to caress distant galaxies.

Invite your body to expand like a balloon that has flexible and infinitely stretchy skin …  inflating with light and expanding infinitely beyond your previous senses of limitation. Expand your body in all directions. Experiment with the sense and feeling of expansion.

Remain with the openness and do not think your way through this.
Thank you Magdi for your thoughtful response. It is very helpful. Love to you ~

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