You believe you are a person living in the world

You believe you are a person living in the world. You perceive problems in the world. You try to fix them in order to find happiness for you, you this person. It’s a useless task.
Happiness in the world is a pipe dream.
Fixing the world is spinning and spinning your wheels. In vain.
You pay lip service to consciousness and you pitch your tent in the world.
No wonder you are on the roller coaster. That is the nature of your world when you perceive yourself as a person.
How much longer will this go on?
How much longer will you go on choosing your old patterns, your identification, your old beliefs of being a mortal body mind?
Living in the mind keeps you in the mind.
Is that not obvious?

Fall view 13

K.J. : Wow…talk about timing!

C.J. : Just exactly the reminder I needed at this moment!!!

B.P. : I think there is a readiness to give it all’s like nothing matters but knowing the truth. All the ideas and beliefs of being this or that. I just long to be kind and loving to all, some view this as weakness, I see it as a expression of the true nature of life.

Reply: Being kind and loving is a very lovely intention. But any practice from the mind falls short and yet is not without merit. At some point the heart opens and remains open.
Loveliving The truth is a high path that requires determination, trusting God and willingness to offer everything to the divine.

D.M. : Agree, but if there is no person who is choosing patterns, identification and beliefs? Who is there to stop doing that?

Reply: At some point you realize that you are not the Imagined person, and that you are consciousness.
As a person, imaginary, you do not choose anything. But as consciousness, it’s a different matter.

R.G. : Yes, it’s obvious, and yet it does go on and on…how much longer? I can find no foothold in any other way. Contemplating that I am consciousness brings me a feeling of rest, and a sense of peace, but I cannot seem to live my daily life without personal identification and all that comes along with it. How much longer? It certainly doesn’t feel sustainable, but for the moment, on it goes…

L.D. : Magdi, I notice that you will often time use the GoD words. What is your definition or understanding or intuitive Knowing in reference to God and the Divine?

Reply: I use the term God to refer up the non-experience of eternal infinite seamless presence … The reality of universal consciousness.
I use the term God to refer to the knowing of oneself beyond all mental conceptions and beyond all limitations or conditions. It is the revelation of unconditional freedom. Love and beauty.
A glorious revelation of the eternal and infinite that I AM… As everyone and everything… As one.

L.D. : That’s Beautiful…thank you

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