What is the goal of consciousness?

Friend: Magdi,
what is the goal of consciousness ? Why is it doing all things? Can i ask why do i exists ?

Reply: Why not?
It is fun after all… it is better than nothing ūüôā

Reply: Hahhhh! Yes It’s much more fun than nothing.

Reply: The revelation of consciousness is that the i is infinite and not limited…

Friend: So, all life is about the “I”?

Reply: Not about a finite personal self.
Absolutely… all life is the absolute I

Friend: But i see that there are people everywhere, there is America, china… all the 7 billion people. What are they to I?

Reply: One consciousness appearing as all appearances.

Friend: Am I All? I am you?

Reply: Absolutely. At the deepest level we are one. It is like electrical current. There is one current and infinite light bulbs activated by this one current. The current is one current and the light bulbs are infinite.
Consciousness is the current. That is what I truly am, not a light bulb.

Friend: Yes, but you have a different life than mine. All i see is mine. It’s like there are two and more lives.

Reply: There are many minds, but one consciousness. Consciousness appears as all minds, like the current through the light bulbs shines in my room and your room but reveals different furniture. It is the same current that is igniting all bulbs.
When you know yourself, you no longer feel as Magdi or as some person.
Thought says there are two. But consciousness is One. All thoughts are made out of consciousness and are known via consciousness.

Friend: Thoughts are creating my reality and everything.

Reply: Thoughts do not create. They are a limited impression. After all, thought is limited and known. What knows thought is not limited and is not known. That is the reality of consciousness.
One could say that thought is created by the reality of consciousness and is a form of consciousness but not the entirety.

Friend: At this moment, i see my surrounding, and i believe that there are a lot of things happening in the world right now.

Reply: Yes.
Like in the night dream there are lots of things seemingly happening, but in fact, nothing is really happening. In the night dream, there are beautiful angels and horrible creatures.

Friend: Yes

Reply: They are coming to eat you. Let them eat you.

Friend: AHhhhh! I understand.
What i call waking state is also just like the dream, a sort of things happening.

Reply: The false self dies but it is the illusion that dies.
Yes, waking is like a dream. In ignorance there is the belief that I am this body mind.
A belief and a feeling that I am a person, a man or woman, a son or daughter, etc.

Friend: Yes, they are all beliefs! But how can we function without belief?

Reply: Does the body need belief in order to breathe or for hair to grow?

Friend: No.

Reply: Believing you are a person creates a sense of limitation. This belief is learned.

Friend: But i need to believe that i am Magdi, Bill or John in order to ask questions.

Reply: Do you really?

Friend: I’m not so sure, but i feel that i need to believe it somehow unconsciously in order to communicate.

Reply: Really? Don’t be so sure.

Friend: When i say: “i need”, who is that “I”, ¬†i don’t really know

Friend: Yes I’m not so sure.¬†I’m not sure at all. Doubts are everywhere.

Reply: So why believe it if you are not sure?

Friend: I don’t really believe it, it’s just there.
Let me give you an example: Before the age of 18, i really believed in the God of religion, but after searching for years, i feel that that belief is totally gone.
But the belief that I am a person, a body mind isn’t yet gone. There is something that insist that i am it.

Reply: What is that that insists? What is it that perceives this impression?

Friend: That, i don’t recognize.

Reply: What is it that keeps you believing you are Joe, Bob or Mary?
Or that you are a body?

Friend: i don’t know.¬†i think however that it is Me

Reply: That belief is what causes the feeling that consciousness is limited to a body mind and that leads to the mortality virus.
When this belief dissolves, it is a totally different scene.

Friend: Yes, is there a direct way to remove it?
i mean like self inquiry or contemplation?

Reply: Contemplation of the Self. What am I truly?
Without relying on any old dead answers from the mind.
Love for truth.

Friend: Yes!
If i won’t take any answer from the mind that means that there is another place that will give me the answer ?
Can i go to it directly ?
Can my attention or consciousness go to it directly, disregarding any thought?

Reply: Yes. This question leads you there. YOU are this consciousness, and you are asking consciousness. Consciousness can go directly to itself.

Friend: Yes, i totally understand that in a spiritual way, but the problem is the method! How to do it?
Even though they say that any method is just another system that is the vicious circle.

Reply: Simply love the truth.
Your love for truth will lead you away from the false.

Friend: Yes, Love will lead to the truth
and interest.
i remember when i really wanted and loved to know the truth about religion, i spent every day being interested in the truth.

Reply: Nice. Also in life, follow the path of happiness and bliss. Follow the path that is the happiest, the least complicated. Do as best you can. The path of love.

Friend: It’s like consciousness goes through phases. I was born with a lot of false beliefs, especially religious beliefs. I went through a period of removing these false beliefs. Then i discovered that i have many other beliefs that are limiting and false and the biggest of all beliefs is the belief that i’m a body mind.
The path of love? What is it exactly ?

Reply: Yes, getting face to face with the belief that consciousness is limited to a body mind is getting to the core of ignorance. It is a good place to get to since you will be contemplating the core issue.
You do NOT need any one to tell you the path of love. You know it as beauty, openness, freedom, peace.

Friend: I understand.
And it’s not the path of what ?

Reply: It is not the path of resistance and it is not the path of personal desire.
It is not the path that is based on the belief of being a person.
You can keep away from the ignorance as best you can.
And when suffering comes your way, you see the light in it since suffering points to your stand as a separate self.

Friend: I see, thank you! it is not the path that is based on the belief of being a person!
thank you again

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