The Paradox of Non-doing

The Paradox of Non-doing

Question: Most of us are habitual doers that want to be in control, needing to get somewhere and have something to show for it. We live in a world where self-improvement is a high priority and our accomplishments are the measure of our worth. When we hear that the very concepts of doer and doing lose their relevance on the mystical path and that practice does not produce transformation, it becomes ever more difficult to comprehend. In the modern world we search unceasingly for answers, experiences, insights, and attainment.
So claims that there is nowhere to go and nothing to gain can be baffling. How are we to do anything without doing? Do we make an effort not to make an effort? Can the aims of freedom and an end to suffering be gained without any attempt to gain them?

Magdi Badawy The contemplation of the real reveals the illusion of separation.
This leads to the thinning out and eventually the dissolution of the belief in the separate self.
This reveals the non doing as your direct understanding.
The illusion of effort dissolves in the revelation of the ultimate doer.
The interest and passion to awaken is essential.
The dispassion for the false is also essential.
Loving truth and living according to your love for truth is essential. ♥️

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