Suffering and guilt about my mom

A conversation with a friend
Hi Magdi, I have a question. Just a few moments ago I was aware of some dis-ease in the chest area, thoughts started to arise about my mom who recently passed and I started to cry. Then the thoughts went into a story about how If I only knew that I had one more year with my mom I would not have put her into a home. Now there is suffering and guilt. I saw myself go into inquiry to investigate if there was a choice. It seem to be about ending the suffering that the belief in the thought created. What is the best way to handle situations that come up like this? Should I inquire or just sit with the suffering? Apparently there is still some belief about there being a person here with choices. Thank you.

What was meant to unfold for your mother was designed for her and is her path. Your decision is the result of the conditions and inspiration of that moment. This inspiration is not designed by you. It is the universe’s design that inspired you to put your mom in a home given the circumstances.
Notice that you do not choose your thoughts. They were downloaded to you. Your actions are the result of these ‘universal’ thoughts. When we identify with the person, with body mind, there is the impression that I am the body and that I, the body chooses and thinks my thoughts. You do not choose this thought.
Your mother’s journey is the journey that everyone undergoes from life to life to life until we come to realize our true nature. Let her be. She is well on her journey.
The suffering you feel is the result of the identification with the body mind and that of your mother. Recognize that and let it go. Remain as the freedom and infinite openness of consciousness and notice that whenever you revert to being a personal consciousness, there is suffering.
The inquiry is the direct seeing that you are believing yourself to be a daughter.
Consciousness is not a daughter.
Consciousness is all daughters and all mothers, all trees, rivers and oceans, all sentient and insentient forms… and none of that.
Everything arises out of the reality of emptiness/nothingness (consciousness).
When you give reality to the dream characters and to the dream events, you forget the reality of consciousness and imagine that the dream is real. Thus the suffering.


Questioner: So Hitler was an agent of God?

Reply: The short answer to your question is that everything is a divine expression.

Hitler did not choose his parents, his place of birth, his teachers, his experience and situation. No one chooses their thoughts. They come form a different place than the mind. They arise to the mind, but their source is not the mind.

Hitler’s behavior needed to be stopped and it was.

Is it your experience that you choose your thoughts? If you say yes, then tell me why don’t you choose happy thoughts 100% of the time? If your answer is no, then what applies to you, applies to Hitler. Like you, he did not choose his thoughts and since his actions were directed by his thoughts, he therefore did not choose his actions.

But i am glad there were others who made sure, at high cost, to see to it that his behavior is stopped.

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