Self realization… Is it that important?


Friend: Ramana Maharshi said that the greatest service we can render the world is to become Self-realized. Is this because my whole world is within me? I don’t understand why- other than our own suffering- it is so important IF we are already the Self and everything is Consciousness….
Also, if I am not really a separate entity other than mind-body construct and the Absolute, then no one is really suffering….

Sorry if these are mental pretzels. I appreciate your gift of sharing the Truth so patiently with us.
Peace and love,

Dear friend,
Becoming Self-realized is a misnomer since All is already realized. But as individuals, we experience separation, which is not real and yet, it is real as our dream experience which we mistake to be real and overlook that it is a dream. We seek self realization since we overlook that there is no separate self and therefore we imagine a personal self realization, which is pure imagination.
So, Self-realization is realizing that All is already realized and that there is no separate self, no separation.
Indeed, no one is suffering, there is no reality outside of Self, outside of Absolute.
Yet, as an individual, we experience misery. It is not real. There is no reality to misery.
Once you realize that there is no separate self, you stop experiencing it and until then, you are dreaming an unhappy dream.
All of this does not matter. Since nothing is happening outside of the Self, which is not a happening nor is it a non-happening.

Dreamwise, we all love sweet dreams. So, why not enjoy sweet dreams? And to do so, you realize there is no such thing as separation and no such thing as a separate self.

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