Leaving the source

  • Bob: Have we ever left the source?Delete or hide this
  • Magdi:
    Hi Bob, Although we are the source, whenever we are lured by ignorance in believing and feeling that I refers to a mortal body mind, to a man, a woman, it can be said that we have ‘left’ the source and are perceiving on behalf of an imaginary separate self.Edit or delete this
    • Bob: Seems like trying to find the source is getting farther away from it because the very trying is causing a subject -object relationship. In other words separation…Delete or hide this
    • Magdi: Since the belief in separation (from source) inevitably results in unhappiness, and since we cannot live too long in unhappiness, we look for happiness (the end of unhappiness).
      We may start looking for happiness in a subject-object dichotomy. But soon enough we realize that That which we are looking for is what we are.
      This initial understanding causes us to turn inward. After overcoming the belief that what we are looking for is an inner experience (which is still dualistic), we start to rest as being/awareness.Edit or delete this
    • Bob: Would you say that all experience is dualistic because there must be a separate individual having that experience?Delete or hide this

      Magdi: It depends. For example, when you are having the experience that a lion is chasing you and you are not aware it is a dream, you do feel like you are a separate individual and you suffer the negative emotions. In this case, you are unknowing of your true nature.
      On the other hand, once you know it is a dream, you will (magically) find out that you are dreaming sweet dreams and you are knowing of your true nature.

      Thus one could say it depends on whether you are knowing of your true nature or you are unknowing.

      I hope this is somewhat clear.

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