Is the body necessary to know I exist?


Friend: Hi Dear Magdi,
I was walking and contemplating today and the thought came to me “Is the body necessary to know I exist?”
And then as I sit in silence and do your meditations the body as I know it disappears…and yet I know I exist
….so the seeming appearance “concept called the body” is necessary until it is seen through or is no longer necessary?
Thank you,

Reply: The Self IS. Consciousness IS. Reality IS.
The mind cannot comprehend the ISness of Aware/Presence as long as the glimpse into the Self is absent.
Upon the glimpse into the Self, and upon the ongoing contemplation of truth, ISness blooms and the belief in a physical reality wanes, dissolving in the blooming of wisdom.

In ignorance, the world body mind is the reality and consciousness is a concept. And yes, in ignorance the body is necessary to know that I exist. But this I is not the true Self. It is an arising that is mistaken for the Self.
In wisdom, consciousness is the reality and the world body mind is a concept. In wisdom, the body mind is not necessary to know the Self since the knowingness of the Self is a ‘direct’ knowingness that bypasses any medium. No bridge is necessary since the Self is Self-knowing.

To go from ignorance to wisdom we contemplate the reality of our experience which reveals the reality and universality of consciousness and the impermanence of the waking dream.
Once the wisdom of the Self is revealed, no world body mind is needed to know oneself. This knowingness is beyond the mind, beyond description, beyond words. It is an inner knowingness that is expressed in/as the inner silence of Being.

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