Is everything I perceive a projection of the mind?

Via thought, the world, body mind is downloaded and the impression of time and space is perceived.
The me impression is thus born and the exhausting pursuit of external happiness follows.
The entire display is a dream impression. Like the diffraction of white light by the prism does not truly separate anything, dream impressions do not create any real division. Nothing divides wholeness.
The reality of consciousness is whole, undivided, eternal and infinite. It is beyond the seeming appearance and disappearance of the mind.
Know yourself and the time space illusion comes to an end. The unhappy impression of separation ceases in the realization of the reality and eternity of the Self.

Impalpable ash by Sasa Gyoker

A.C. : I wonder, Magdi, could you expound further on this? I can’t seem to find the description that fits the way I directly experience it from here. It has to do with the teaching that ‘everything perceived is a projection of the mind’, made out of thought, and is entirely dependent on the name and form of the assumed perceiving entity.

Does the mind ‘project’ both the body (as a sensual interface), and simultaneously project the phenomena, which it then senses? That is, does the mind project both? Does it then create the phenomenon of ‘the perceiver and the perceived’ through name and form ‘only’. Do you see the world as something that you are projecting? And at the same time you also see the body itself as the projected perceiver? Or is the world already there, and your perception of it is in the according to the name and form you give it, just prior to perception?

Is the ‘download’ through the senses, into the brain, or is it first a projected illusion of name and form, which is then perceived as though it is coming from’ out there’?

Does the perception depend on the prior projections, and is there anything to perceive in the absence of name and form? It appears from here that here is perception of phenomena, prior to name and form, and that there is raw sensual data appearing, prior to thought. Is the world really nothing more than thought?… If is, how so?

Reply: Thought projects both an internal self and an external world. Like in a dream, both the dream characters and the dream situations appear as dream thoughts but are mistaken to be real. In fact, they have no independent reality outside of dream thought.

The internal self is a body mind identification that arises simultaneously with the arising of an external phenomenal world. They go hand in hand.
That is referred to as ignorance; ignorance of the truth. It is the illusion of separation.

The perceiver and the perceived refer to this dualistic point of view where an internal self perceives an external world. From that point of view, the point of view of duality, the point of view of ignorance, the world and the self seem real and we do not realize that they are a projection of thought/mind. We do not realize that they are dream events, they are thought/mind.

In ignorance, as the me identity arises, so does perception. The me identity and worldly perceptions are simultaneous arisings. The mind then argues that it is the body mind that perceives, that it is the brain that perceives, and so on. From consciousness point of view, perception is a mind event as consciousness only ‘experiences’ itself. In fact, the experience of consciousness is a non-experience.
You ask: “Is the world already there prior to name? And is my perception of the world according to the name and form that the mind gives it?” (paraphrasing)

If we say there is a world ‘out there’, the question is: What is this world? What is its substance? What is its reality? In contemplating these questions you will come to the understanding that consciousness is the reality as well as the substance of the seeming world ‘out there’. In fact, there is no such thing as ‘out there’ since consciousness is not in time and space.

As to the nature of the mind, if you contemplate its substance you will find that all mind impressions are like images on the mirror of consciousness. Although the images are not separate from the mirror they do not define it.

Yes, the ‘download’ is through the senses into the brain and is an illusion of name and form. It is a dream ‘download’, like a night dream is downloaded into awareness, awareness being ultimately the source of the download.
The “out there” quality of the world comes hand in hand with the “in here” quality of the internal mind. From consciousness point of view, which is the only real point of view, there is only one reality, the reality of consciousness; All there IS. Not in time space.

Yes, perception is repetitive and duplicative and depends on repetition. It depends on memory, prior projections and repetitive thought.
The mind is the repetitive perception of the same person every day, the same job every day. The main repetition is the me-repetition, the repetition of ‘I am a body mind’, the repetition of ‘consciousness is limited and personal’.
There is no perception of phenomena prior to name and form. Phenomenal perception is name and form. The raw sensual data that seemingly appears is thought itself. Consciousness is beyond the mind, beyond appearance, beyond thought. Indeed the world is nothing more than thought.

Reply to another question: (The question is: ‘How do you know?’)
Through the contemplation of your experience, you might notice that everything you experience is thought like.
For example, if you look at the night dream, all the characters, images, sensations you experience are thought like.
In the waking state, everything you experience, you experience through consciousness. The images on the screen are thought like, only the screen is real.
The images cannot be without the screen, but the screen can be without the images.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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