How to live from openness?

Dear Magdi,
Could you speak about the process of ones life becoming harmonious as one lives more from openness and less from ignorance?
I no longer wish to go down the path of fear and worries, but to live from love and wisdom.
This path of living from peace and love and wisdom is new, so I am exploring.
Fears still arises, but there is also understanding.
The “me thought” still arises, but it is seen and there is understanding that this old habit is intrinsically linked to fear and not peace.

Starlings by Sasa Gyoker
First there is the intuitive understanding that you are not a mortal body mind, that you are not a changing form and that you are the aware presence, formless awareness, aware and awake, the screen and not the images on the screen. That understanding needs to be firmly established.
While it takes effort to live from ignorance, struggling with thought and feelings, living from openness is our natural state. It takes no effort whatsoever. That is why it is referred to as the path of love and beauty. The more you live out of the simplicity, openness, innocence and transparency of your true nature, the easier it is to do so. You get immediate rewards when you do so. The reward being an immediate sense of ease and well being. That feedback keeps you on the correct path and keeps growing.
As your understanding gets more and more established, ignorance starts to surrender:
The mind recognizes the tortuous path of the separate self and is no longer drawn to it. The body follows. The remnants of ignorance will start releasing out of the system, out of your body. They release since they are no longer fed. They dry out, dehydrate and release. They arise as feelings and emotions. Arising in order to dissipate and dissolve in the openness. They are drawn to the openness and can no longer remain in hiding. The pull of the Self is too strong.
Initially, as this vasana arising process engages in gear, the mind will want to draw you back in its camp. You might vacillate. But the course to the Self eternal is inevitable. It is one direction: From ignorance to the Self.
Be watchful not to fall back in the mind. If you do, there is no need to get deeper in more mind, via sorrow, blame, or other mind trickery.
Let it al dissolve. Its natural tendency is to dissolve. To return to formlessness. It is all formless.
Recognizing your love, the universe will help you and provides what is needed. Make sure you do not water the wrong plant. Do not water the weeds. Be still and know yourself. Effortlessly. Out of love.
It is all about love.
Love for truth. Love for the divine. Impersonal love. Like the ocean. Infinite and eternal.
Do not be concerned about the images that arise on the screen. There is nothing beyond consciousness and nothing can touch it. It is the one reality, the only reality and it is closer than close. In fact, it is the one and only substance-less substance. No image, no mind impression can touch it. It is One beyond otherness.
Once you fall in love with the divine, your heart cannot forget the beloved. From then on, everything that arises for you is gifted from the beloved. She will lead you home. Simply take her hand and let her lead you.
Like a child holds mama’s hand in the mall. The child is unconcerned where mama is going. The child’s hand is in mama’s hand and all is well.
You are home. You have never left where/what you are.
You are not a mortal body mind.
The I-thought arises to dissolve. Allow it to do so. It is returning home and the path will reveal your infinity, eternity and immortality.

G.F. : So the mind recognizes the tortuous path of the separate self and dont follow it or the mind takes you in the I story?

Magdi: Initially, the limited mind is on the mission of maintaining itself. As your recognition matures, the mind comes on board and becomes a partner of sort.
There is a recognition that the path of identification is unhappy. The mind becomes tame and ceases to add new fuel to the fire.
The remaining structures at the body level slowly disengage from the body and arise as feelings. They arise in order to return to the Source where they dissolve.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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