If happiness is on your own behalf, only for yourself, it will not satisfy you. You need to realize that happiness includes everybody and everything and requires you to abandon your conditions about life, about yourself and all your conditions about others.
Happiness is love and love is all embracing, but it is not about this world.
Love can manifest in this world, can be celebrated in this world, but it’s true celebration is in your recognition of the reality and universality of consciousness, the true I.
Contemplate the reality of your experience and apply the highest standards in your life. The universal standards of love, respect, fairness and invite yourself to the recognition of the so-called other, as your very self.
Question:  is it really possible to live life without anyone living it. It feels as if everything is taken away from you. How can one deal with death before death? How can one go through the realisation that all is lost……the doer, the past, the future, mom, dad, brothers, opinions, seeker, realizer etc.
Reply: One could say life lives itself through the body mind system.
The absence of a separate self does not mean the absence of consciousness/awareness.
What appears disappears. No need to refer to it as a loss. Rather realize that awareness neither appears nor disappears.
I/awareness. Eternal and borderless presence.

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