Do I have control?

Dear Magdi,
Reckless drivers get in accidents. Often, mishaps cause the drivers to reconsider. The heater came on last night inadvertently, waking me, and I resolved to check it before bedtime. Dedicating myself to music is getting better results. Finally, in meditation practices, welcoming feelings resolves them, and when I remember I do. The question is: do I have control? Some, a little, a lot, none?

It depends what you mean by I.
If by I you refer to the world of images you hold of yourself, then no, images have zero control.
On the other hand if by I you refer to the Self, the reality of consciousness, then yes. Consciousness being the one and only reality, it has complete control.
For example you have control over your night dreams. They do not control you as you create them and perceive them simultaeously.
But let’s look a bit closer:
Consciousness being the one and only reality, the question is: Control over what? Being that there is nothing external to consciousness, the whole concept of control drops off.
A controls B.
But in the absence of A and B, what is controlling what?
Control is a concept that refers to the concept person.
Do you see what I mean?
Bill Reinecke
Yes, that’s where my question is coming from. Or better, the question. So at the practical level, can I resolve to be a more cautious driver, a more respectful husband, a better student? Or do these inclinations and resolutions all arise in the dream?
Magdi Badawy
They arise in the dream since you are dreaming being Bill, being a person.
Also in the dream, the resolution to awaken arises.

The resolution to awaken is God whispering in your ear.
That is referred to as a divine thought since its source and its import are divine.

Bill Reinecke
This came out of my night dream last night. I was flying an airplane and was unable to control it. Scared the hell out of me, and I woke up and resorted to welcoming the sensation of terror. Or did I?
Magdi Badawy
As you crash in the night dream, what dies?
Bill Reinecke
I love your questions. Damn.
Magdi Badawy
I had a fascinating dream where I was in a spaceship taking off and it crashed upon take off and I died…
In the past I used to wake up just before the dying part…
I was at Springwater retreat day 5, years ago…
Fascinating… And very beautiful, beyond words.

Bill Reinecke
Oh, so beautiful. That so compliments all else here. Thank you for that. Reminds me of Jesus: if you love your life you will lose it. 
Such a beautiful dialogue. Thank you Magdi.

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