Deep ache in the heart

The formless beingness we are seems to emanate from the heart. Correct? So if we are that why do we have a deep ache in our hearts if that is what we are? To me it feels like I am separate to the pure energy of my heart and that is my biggest confusion…. like I am a separate awareness from the heart.
Knowing yourself as a person narrows the heart opening and obscures the clarity of the mind. Tis personal identification casts a shadow and veils the way. Upon the fervent and assiduous contemplation of ‘What am I truly?’, it is revealed that I am not the body, I am not the mind… I am the formless aware presence. This aware presence is borderless and universal and is the reality of the body mind. The deep ache in the heart is the longing for this recognition. The recognition of that which we are: Universal Self; the one reality that is second to none. In truth, you are not separate from the heart since you are the heart. But in the dream there is identification. We dream that we are a body mind. Therefore it seems that separation is real. Like in your night dream, you may dream that you are on a remote isolated island, while you are resting in bed, at home. Upon waking up, the sense of isolation and angst dissolves.

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