• Friend:  So few are meant to disappear into the joy of this impersonal. The happening of it cannot be prompted by another. I love your pointing EmBe, but for whom do you point? We holograms in the state of remembrance of ourselves as oneness? Or do you believe you can help the disappearing of yourself appearing as another? I do it for my own entertainment only or rarely when I detect conditions are ripe.
  • Magdi Badawy Hello friend
    To whom does the bird sing?
    To whom does the sun shine?

    The glory of the Self shines impersonally.

    Consciousness is complete freedom, love, beauty and happiness.

    Personal expression is an illusion. All expressions, including the ones that seem and feel personal, are in fact the voice of God.

    I sing my song, from branch to branch out of love.
    All is love.

    Everything and everyone is myself.

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