Premature enlightenment and comments

Some folks say: ‘As long as you are seeking, ignorance perpetuates itself.’They recommend: ‘Stop seeking and grace will fill your heart.’ Surely sounds good, but one should be careful not to stop seeking prematurely until we are established in freedom, peace and happiness.

Morning moon       Love for truth is not ignorance. Loving freedom and happiness is not ignorance.

Ignorance is the belief that I am a mortal body mind. Contemplation and exploration is necessary in order to restore truth and find liberation from ignorance.
It is the unbearable burden of ignorance that fuels our love for truth and motivates us to contemplate our true nature and seek liberation from ignorance.

This sort of premature belief : ‘seeking is ignorance’… is a cosmetic cover up of suffering and an incomplete understanding that does not relieve you of the ailment.
This new belief system: ‘all is well, there is no need to seek’, is peddled by folks who have not yet realized the causeless peace and happiness of our true nature.
They preach a premature end of seeking while their very seeking has not ended as they have not realized causeless happiness. They hold on tight to their belief and tremble or get irritated when it is challenged.
They cannot sell what they have not realized.
An ostrich can hide its head in the sand to avoid an oncoming truck, but that will not stop the truck from striking it.
Having said that, a teacher that is established in truth and happiness could teach: ‘all is well, there is no need to seek’, but that will be a pointer among many but it will not be his complete teaching. His teaching will be leading you home, to the causeless and eternal freedom and happiness of your true nature.

Friend1: Seeking and practices still happen here and probably will continue until it is clearly recognized that I am eternal freedom and happiness.

Magdi: The open space of awareness is unencumbered by anything.
Recognize that and you recognize yourself.hen, you can remain true to your understanding and LiveLove

Friend 2: So far for , it seems to be an ever new & never ending journey from Glory to Glory

Magdi: Yes, the celebration is unending.

Friend 3: Very helpful as i see myself go in and out of this journey like the clouds moving over the blue sky, i notice that Self is always untouched by these clouds of activities however i still remain in the journey of being covered and uncovered. So this pointer is really a welcome blessing for the confusion of I am a body..

Magdi: All sensation, feelings, experiences are images on the screen…I am the universal, boundaryless screen of awareness…  Smiling.

Friend 3: Your Love for sharing the Truth shines as bright as the sun yet not it does not swelter but gives joy.

Friend 4: I just spend a weekend with Tony Parsons – who underlines, that “the seeking creates the separation, there is absolutely nothing to do, – awareness – and pointing to awareness is reinforcing the ‘person'”. He also express that there is no such thing as awareness or consciousness AT ALL. There is no presence — and no screen. Silence, being quiet, inquiring, is (acording to his not-teaching) just “bullshit” – Which will appearantly be seen, when liberation has happened. I am, to say the least, utterly confused. Now I read your post, and I feel at home again.

Could there be different grades/temperatures of emptiness ???

Magdi: No belief can bring the end to suffering and ignorance. Best is not to listen to me or anyone. You can go directly, right now to your experience, right now and notice, are you not the open space of awareness? Are you not aware and present? Do not go to your past knowledge, nor to your past beliefs. When I refer to the contemplation of your experience, I am not referring to your identity as a woman, as a daughter, as a body, a teacher, a doctor, etc.

I am simply referring to the presence that perceives these words, that perceives this perception, that perceives this thought, sensation.

Consciousness has no grades. Only thought speaks of grades and stages. Awareness is like the wide open sky. Unencumbered by stuff. Nothing sticks to awareness, nothing augments it nor diminishes it. What matters above all in the teaching, is that it takes you from misery to peace, from unhappiness to happiness. No belief can do that.

Friend 4: Thank You Magdi. Yes!!! – I AM – I am being and seeing, – which seems to be one and the same, and nothing sticks to that. Many periods with pure seeing, – then ‘person-ideas’ show up again for shorter periods. In these it is so helpfull to be reminded of truth.

Friend 5: Although this is really just semantics, I think it’s more a case of “don’t stop inquiring” as opposed to “don’t stop seeking”. Seeking tends to imply seeking what isn’t here and resisting what it is, it emerges out of a sense of lack. The sense of lack is present whenever one’s attention and desire gets caught up in identification with passing mental/emotional forms. The sense of lack subsides when via inquiry, one realizes one’s true nature and identification with passing forms dissolves. Then there is simply peace and happiness, while everything is allowed to be as it is.

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