You are not what you imagine yourself to be

You are not what you imagine yourself to be. 
It is what you truly are that imagines itself to be what you think and feel you are. 
Therefore, you and your experience are its imagination. Your sense of personal being as well as the world you perceive are via its imagination. 
Via the contemplation of the changeless in you, you get to know that which you truly are. 
The formless transparency of being/awareness. The ananda of universal Self. 
Eternal and infinite. 
By returning to the before and not the subsequent, you come to the absence that precedes and permeates presence. 
It is this absence which speaks without speaking, which perceives without perceiving. 
Without being anything, everything is you. Nothing adds to you or diminishes you. 
At the heart of being, is the silence and stillness of our true nature.

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