Why do we feel separate When we share the same dream. 

Why do we feel separate
When we share the same dream.
We talk together.
We shop from each other.
We harvest the same fields. 
Breathe the same air.

Why do we feel separate
When we are made out of the same stuff, digest similar foods, love kindness and compassion, enjoy laughter and the song of birds?

Maybe we are overlooking our wholeness, our sameness.
Maybe we are distracted by appearances and the belief that this is what matters.
Maybe we are in a trance, under the hypnotic belief that my happiness has nothing to do with yours.

Can we take a look at that?
The images that separate us. So illusory. And yet, that is what we believe. We rely on illusion to guide our life.
How about relying on our capacity to see through this veil?
Can we contemplate the veils of separation and free ourselves and everyone from this unexamined trance?

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