Wherever I look, I see you

Wherever I look, I see you.
I see you as myself. I recognize you as myself.
I laugh with myself, laughing with you… One laugh.

Supplication by Sasa Gyoker

I thought I knew love, until you revealed your infinity and eternity …
Dissolving me into myself, dissolving me in you
Revealing myself as you
Revealing yourself as I.

Now, wherever I go, I do not move. Not a step is taken without you.
Not a step is taken away from you.

Not a step is taken that is not yours.
I am the crow flying branch to branch.
I am the destitute sleeping under the bridge.
I am the joyful child playing in the sandbox.
I am the one beating heart.
I am you.

What a delightful impersonal recognition!

Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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