When you are hunting

When you are hunting for something or someone, thinking and feeling are engaged in the hunt and the open space of awareness is temporarily narrowed as hunter and prey. 
This initial duality maintains itself as long as you remain in your personal interest. You may succeed or fail in your hunt but either way, you remain pray to being a hunter. 
The spaciousness of awareness is overlooked. You become stuck in the feelings of success and failure of the hunter. 
The vastness of being eludes you as you materialize yourself and objectify happiness. 
Failing to discriminate between the real and the impermanent, you spin the wheel of samsara. 
All along, you are the vastness of being. The reality of being/awareness. Effortless not-knowing/being/presence/awareness. 
All what appears refers to the formless self that you are. Borderless knowing presence. 🙏

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