What maintains the sense of self?

The sense of self is maintained via the feeling state, via bodily sensations. That is where the me-identification roots itself.
That is where we get entangled, in the feelings.

A Golden Splash Sunset  Then the I-thought sticks to the feeling and relies on the feeling as its evidence that, indeed, I am a mortal body mind, since I feel that way.
But feelings are not evidence that I am a mortal
Ask yourself, what are feelings? Are they not bodily sensations and are you not the awareness that perceives them, like you perceive a bird flying past the window, rain drops on the window pane?
All events are transients and are equal in the eyes of consciousness, no matter what size, shape and form they appear as. Only YOU, the Self is eternal, untouched by the images on the screen… You are the aware presence that is not a thing and without which nothing is possible.

Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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