What is perceived refers to the perceiving

What is perceived refers to the perceiving and not to the perceived, for the perceived is an ever shifting target, an ever metamorphosing impression, a set of changing definitions… that points to beyond its form.
It is the knowingness/perceiving, which is not a thing, which is not a definable form that is the actual reference of perception. Is it not knowingness/perceiving, in spite of its being non-perceived, that is ever present and unchanging?

Photo by Cara Moore Redwood City
The reality of all experiences lies beyond the known. Knowingness knows itself in form and beyond form and is its own reference whether bare or dressed in form.
Thus it is said that the outward returns to the inward. The perceived refers to the perceiving … that is not perceivable.
All things are impressions that refer to their creator.
Given the creator is not an external form objec and given you are the reality of your experience… opens the door to the possibility that the creator and you are one and the same.
The creator dreaming its creation out of itself without ever being anything created.


Photo by Cara Moore

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