What is happening?

What is happening?
There is what appears and what does not appear. 

Appearances relate to the senses, to the mind. The senses and the mind relate to consciousness, the reality of all appearances. 

It may seem from the mind’s point of view that the senses are primary while in fact it is consciousness that is primary.

It is via consciousness that every thought, perception and sensation are known.

In ignorance, the impression is that consciousness depends on the senses and on the mind.

But upon the contemplation of consciousness, its primacy and independence are revealed. 

So one could say that what is happening is consciousness consciousnessing itself as the world body mind impression, without ever becoming anything else but consciousness. 

There is only one happening, and it is a non-happening, that is consciousness.
The dreamer of all dreams. 
That I AM. 

July 7 2016

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