We bathe in love, as we seek it

When we feel like a separate self, when we come from the sense of limitation and lack, the wholeness of our true nature evades us. From that perspective there is not enough love to go around. Thus we look out onto the world to fulfill us, which it can’t.

Until we discover that we are whole and complete, that we are the love we seek, the sense of lack continues. The discovery that we are love, whole and complete puts the finishing strokes to the painting.

Painting 1

Under all the layers of self, behind all the veils of separation, we are whole, one Love.

The mind wants love as well as the layers and veils. Loving truth as well as the me-stories and personal identification, maintains the confusion.

Do we really lack anything? If a thought or a feeling says: ‘Yes, you lack Love’, can we simply notice the feeling sensation and notice the seamless awareness in which this feeling arises? Can we notice that everything arises in and out of awareness?

Love is all embracing. It is intimacy of Being. Not the product of thought. Love does not need to be produced.

We bathe in Love as we seek it.

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