Thought and awareness


The thought that says ‘my mind and your mind’ does not establish any real separation. ‘Here and there’, ‘mine and yours’ appear as thought but does not alter the open space of awareness which remains whole, undivided and untouched by thought.
Awareness is unalterable and indivisible by whatever thought which claims to divide it.
Thought is like a fold into the fabric of awareness, it is not apart from awareness and does not affect awareness in any way or form. Like a fold in your bedsheet does not alter your bedsheet. Like a picture on the screen does not alter the screen.
Believing that thought divides awareness is ignorance of the seamlessness and indivisibility of awareness.
Thought is known by the knowingness that takes on the form of thought. Thought and its knowingness are co-occurring as the flame and the light it projects are co-occurring.
This thought-knowingness does not affect the knowingness, does not alter it in any way. Like dreaming that you are a flying pink elephant does not turn you into a pink flying elephant.
Although, from the phenomenal point of view, two thoughts seem separate, from the perspective of consciousness, they are one as consciousness manifesting as mind impression.
One consciousness, one Self, one screen. Consciousness is infinite creativity and infinite potential.

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