This human realm

This realm is an opportunity to realize the reality of divine presence and to realize the true emptiness of form which seems so real and pressing.
We come into existence endowed with love for truth and happiness.
As a separate self, we travel astray to distant lands that reveal ‘not here’, ‘not that’. We don’t find the love when we are abiding as a separate reality.
It is at the heart of the storm that we find the peace of being. It is at the heart of things, where there are no things, that we find the empty fullness, the full emptiness of being/awareness. Diving deeply into the stillness. Noticing the tendencies to avoid, escape, blame, conceptualize. So many forms of avoidance and addiction.
The mirage of materialism and physicality pulls us in its whirlpool. Awakening requires our full engagement.
Once you completely cease fighting the parade of unhappy mind impressions, once you cease giving thinking and feeling (which create the world) an independent reality, once you cease believing in victimhood, in right and wrong, the momentum of the whirlpool of unhappiness dwindles, eventually coming to a halt.
The end of the mirage requires your participation and commitment.

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