There is this inner knowingness, A silent inner light, That has no name and no form

On some level
If you insist
One could say that
We are human beings
Why not?
We name everything
Since we can
We do
Why not name this realm
As a human realm
Since we can name, we do
But what does it mean?

There is this inner knowingness
A silent inner light
That has no name and no form
Cannot be named
Cannot be called human or inhuman
An inner intuition
Of Self
A self knowingness
As well as world body mind knowingness
That is indescribable
Yet undeniable

There is the form
But also the formless
Which precedes the naming
Has no name
Self knowing

As we all know
Morphs and shifts
Comes and goes
From where to where?

There is an immovable dimension
That does not come and go
Lying at the midst
Of that which comes and goes
Independent of the coming and going

A center
That has no center
No borders
No dimensions

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