There is little doubt that there is what appears.
There is also little doubt that there is this sense of self. The sense of existence. What we call I.
One could say that what appears is interrelated to self, to I. One could see it for oneself. This intimacy between what appears and I. 
Let’s consider the following:

I know objectively what appears.
I know the world by looking at it, traveling through it, tasting it, feeling it.
I know the mind by looking at thoughts, images, memories. Their shape, their frequency, their quality.
I know the body by feeling into it, stretching it, examining it, sensing it, studying it.

As for the sense of self or the sense of I, I cannot know that objectively.
But i do ‘know’ I since, after all, I am I. There can be no doubt about that.
I am I is a fact.

In taking a close look, it seems that the I that I am, extends and permeates everything.
There is no way to delineate the I. There are no edges, no boundaries to I.
We all agree that thought says I is limited to the body, it’s shape and skin form.
Can we agree that this is simply a thought model, a framework of sort? A hypothesis.
Has this hypothesis been validated? Have you confirmed this hypothesis beyond any doubt? Or have you inherited it like our forefathers inherited the notion that the earth 🌎 is flat?

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