The realization of the Self permeates the entire life and transforms it completely​.

It is not merely an understanding that one ​expresses ​from a high intellectual non-dual pedestal.

​The true teaching is ​expressed in ​silence​. Words flow from the silence and express the silent understanding.​
It is not a forced, learned or simulated silence. It is not a silence that comes from thought, from the mind.
It is the silence of the awakened mind that speaks.​ Oftentime, not a word is uttered.​

When you hear this silence, you are ​deeply touched. There is a recognition that bypasses the mind. You recognize the true teacher and teaching in the depth of your being.​ You recognize the stillness that you are. The vastness, the borderlessness of Being/Awareness that you are.

The teacher appears when the student is ready. A true teacher does not perceive a student, ​even though ​the student ​may ​perceive a teacher.

For the teacher, there is nothing to teach.
​It is all love. A sharing of/in love.
Being together as one, around the fire of truth, as the flame of truth.​ True love 

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