The path

If your path takes you away from the world that is okay.
If your path is in the world and of the world that is okay as well.
What matters is that you continue the contemplation no matter what’s happening in your space. No matter how things are unfolding for you. Your love for truth and your nurturing this love is of primordial importance.
What is the use of a gift that you do not open?

If your contemplation takes you in a cave or in a monastery, if it takes you to an ashram or if it takes you into an industrial or into an executive position in the world full of family involvement, it is all good. Eventually your love for truth will become pure and free, independent of forms and conditions.
What matters is that you continue your contemplation and exploration no matter what’s happening in your space.
When you are in the world, your world situations become part of your contemplation. When you are away from the world the stillness and silence is part of your contemplation.
In the end the revelation of your true nature will embrace everything and will not have rejection of any sort in it.
Some folks journey is both in the world and beyond it, others start the journey away from the world and come back to the world later.
Some folks realize the great emptiness without having lived it in the world and they teach from that place.
Then they realize that there is more to go. They realize that the harmonizing of the inner and the outer is a process that is still unfinished as worldly events and situations nag them.
A teacher that has the complete understanding has arrived at the complete harmony of the inner and the outer and guides the students away from any pitfalls and towards the complete understanding.
In some older traditions, a student that had reached a certain understanding was encouraged to live his understanding for a couple of decades before uttering a word.
A complete harmony of the outer and inner are a trademark of high understanding.

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