The magic is the magic of awareness

A friend wondered: “What I know to be true is what is true in this moment? Is it so?”
In this moment, I look out the window and there is a soft blanket of snow falling gently on the surrounding woods, covering the entire landscape in a white cottony blanket. So beautiful.
What is it that is true in this moment?

Historic Sukhothai
Where do I look? If I look at the scene, I may conclude that the snowy landscape is what is true.
A moment later, a different landscape is true as I look at the computer screen. A moment later, it is the cup of tea, etc.
The changing scene seems to be relatively true since truth cannot be a moving target.
Upon investigation, it is revealed that it is awareness that is true and not the images on the screen.
A more politically correct way of putting it, would be to say that the images on the screen have a relative truth while awareness has an absolute truth.
Upon inquiry, it is revealed that awareness is not a separate self. There are no borders, no dividing lines to awareness. Awareness does not belong to any particular thought.
It is based upon such an investigation that we conclude with absolute certainty and beyond any doubt that, indeed, there is no separate self; consciousness is not personal.
But no one can conduct such an investigation for you. It needs to be your own revelation and not a borrowed one.
The magic is the magic of awareness.


WO: All is true in this timeless gaze.

Magdi: How true is Santa?

WO:  As true as the space behind the eyes.

Magdi: Are you referring to awareness?
Space behind the eyes is a metaphor used to refer to awareness. Is that how you are meaning it?

WO: Yes.

Magdi: Are you therefore saying that Santa is as real as awareness? I want to make sure I am following you and not misunderstanding your meaning?

WO:  Yes, where else can this Santa image be? An appearance in awareness.

Magdi: Images are of the mind, awareness is not.

WO: All images are happening in awareness. How can there be a distance? That would be dualism.

Magdi: There is no distance.
The pink elephant in your night dream is not real as an elephant. Only awareness is real.

WO: I understand that very well.

Magdi: So how could the pink elephant be as real as consciousness?

WO: Without awareness nothing is. So, as far as reality is concerned, what is reality, is what’s happening right now.

Magdi: What is happening right now?

WO: Seeing the little black letters on the screen in front of my nose.

Magdi: What sees?

WO: I with the capital I.

Magdi: What is real? The I or the black dots?

WO: The I with the capital I.

Magdi: So how can we say that the black dots are as real as Capital I?

WO:  It seems they are inseparable.

Magdi: Look out the window right now and tell me where are the black dots as you look out the window?

WO: No black dots, but looking out of the window is happening.

Magdi: Reality refers to the unchanging. Unchanging over the impression of time or space. THAT that is eternal and infinite.

WO:  That is the I with the capital I. The unmovable essence.

Magdi: Nothing exists out of the source.
Only the source IS.

WO:  The screen is never polluted by the projected image. What I am is pristineness. Awareness is always at rest and is enjoying the show.

Magdi: Awareness enjoys itself, so to speak.


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